• Scarsdale Public Schools



    Elementary Students agree to follow these regulations in all of their work with computers in the Scarsdale schools: 



    • Elementary Students agree to follow these regulations in all of their work with computers in the Scarsdale schools:


    • School computers are used for school work ONLY. Teachers will monitor your computer work in person and remotely at all times.


    • Do not change any preset computer or network settings.


    • Handle equipment and software with care so that they can be used to support student learning.


    • Software is protected by copyright laws. Users will not make unauthorized copies of software or media found on District Technology.


    • Students may not download or install software on District Technology without authorization from the computer staff.


    • Respect each other’s workspace on the school computer and network. Do not edit, rename, or move files that belong to other students.


    • Access your school network and any online accounts using your own account information. You may not log into another user’s account, try to learn someone’s password, or pretend to be another user on the school network or in an online account.


    • When visiting websites, students shall not reveal any identifying personal information about themselves or others, such as names or e-mail addresses, without guidance from a teacher or parent.


    • School district internet filters will block most inappropriate web content and sites. Do not try to disable these filters. If inappropriate material gets past the filter, take appropriate action such as reporting it to a teacher.


    • Never send hurtful messages using online or offline school equipment. If you receive a transmitted message that is upsetting, report the incident immediately to a trusted adult.


    • Never post inappropriate messages when visiting Internet discussion boards.


    • Learn and review rules to prevent cyberbullying. You will be expected to use technology in a manner that shows respect and kindness to others.


    • Students will follow copyright and fair use guidelines when copying information from the Internet. These guidelines include proper citation when referring to downloaded text, images, and other media.
    Failure to comply with any of these rules could result in the suspension of computer privileges