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    Ms. Soffel
    KINDERGARTEN OPEN HOUSE: Tuesday, September 1, 8:30 - 9:00am, room 127C. 
    My name is April Soffel-Scheffler, and I am thrilled to be teaching kindergarten again at Quaker Ridge this year, accompanied by the wonderful Angela Tirsch.
    I began my teaching career twelve years ago as an arts-based after school teacher in Brooklyn, NY. I taught ballet, hip-hop, and art. I was fortunate enough to have the same group of children all year, so I learned class management skills as well. I loved the diverse community that I was a part of in Bay Ridge. I taught children in kindergarten through second grade. 
    I then worked as a kindergarten teacher in Park Slope, also the place where I met and married my husband. It was in this position that I learned about Columbia University's Reading and Writing project, as well as Everyday Math.
    After leaving Park Slope I began teaching at NEST+m, New York City's only city-wide gifted and talented school, located in lower Manhattan. At NEST I taught kindergarten for two years, and second grade for four exciting years. I developed integrated thematic curriculum and taught Singapore Math. Along the way I earned a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College, and welcomed a son and daughter to the world.
    Last year my family moved back to Westchester ("back" for my husband, a native Larchmonter), and I became a part of Quaker Ridge. 
    I am greatly looking forward to the year ahead! I can't wait to polish and shine up my work from last year, and try some new and exciting things with the incoming group of kindergartners. I hope to meet you all, and share my vision for the class, at back-to-school night.
       -Ms. Soffel 
    Back to school reminders:
    - First day of school is 9/2
    - Open house is 9/1 @ 8:30 - 9
    - The month of September is all half days
    - Please pack a snack (nut free) and a reusable a waterbottle each day
    - Send in a change of clothes (labeled - to be kept at school)
    - Please pack an art smock with your child's name on it (large t-shirt is fine) for art class and class projects 
    - Please send children in with a note letting me know how they should be dismissed all week during the month of September 
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