• American Imperialism:
    This unit will focus on American foreign involvement from 1853 until the start of World War I. To introduce the unit, Monday's homework was a reading from ABC-CLIO that will be on the homework quiz. 
    We will take notes on a series of videos and look at readings about Japan and China and Hawaii
    Additionally, we will look at political cartoons and discuss the reasons for the 20 places on the map. 
    On Friday, February 14th, you will have two quizzes.  One is an open notebook homework quiz for which spelling counts.  The other is a quiz on twenty places on a map from 1914.  This is an examination of your geographic knowledge as well as your precision in writing, spelling, and capitalization.  The places you must label on the map are: 
    Alaska, Canada, United States, Mexico, Panama,
    Colombia, Hawaii, Cuba, Puerto Rico,
    Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom,
    Russia, India, China, Japan and the Philippines.