hermit crab



    Scarsdale's primary science program, Science 21, is designed to encourage inquiry by providing an instructional setting where students can ask questions and find answers. Children observe, manipulate, measure objects, gather and graph data about events, and discuss and draw conclusions. They learn problem-solving strategies that are similar to those of real-world scientists.  


    Unit 1- Weather and Climate

    In this unit, students will study how the Sun is vital in Earth's warming. Understanding how the Sun warms the earth is foundational as students learn weather in the K-12 continuum. They will explore how to gather information to predict and prepare for severe weather.

    Unit 2- Principles of elementary physical science.

    • Explore how objects move in the world around us. 

    • The students observe how objects are affected when a force is applied. 

    • Observe, identify, and predict the occurrence of collisions. 

    •  Describe how the magnitude and direction of a force can cause objects to move and react. 

    Unit 3- Life Sciences

    • Identify the differences between wants and needs.

    • Study what plants and animals need to survive.  

    • Introduce that plants and animals (including humans) change the environment to meet their needs.