Early Bird Kindergarten Mathematics  
    Common Core Edition

     "Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics (Standards Edition) is a comprehensive, activity-based program that uses the pedagogical principles of the Singapore Math approach to help kindergarten students build a strong foundation in mathematics through fun-filled lessons and activities."  *
    "Textbooks A and B are designed to form the foundation level for the Primary Mathematics (Standards Edition). Mathematical concepts are developed in a systematic, engaging and fun way."  *
    Textbook A 
    Unit 1:     Matching and Sorting   
    Unit 2         Numbers to 5                
    Unit 3         Numbers to 10                                     
    Unit 4      Ordering Numbers                                                                                                                      
    Unit 5      Shapes                                                                                             
    Unit 6      Patterns                                                                                               
    Unit 7      Comparing Sets             
    Unit 8      Measurements                      
    Textbook B 
    Unit 9:      Compare Numbers to 10      
    Unit 10:    Numbers to 20                         
    Unit 11:    Number Bonds to 10                       
    Unit 12:    Addition to 10                  
    Unit 13:    Subtraction to 10                
    Unit 14:    Addition and Subtraction  
    Unit 15:    Numbers to 100                     
    (Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics Standards Edition Teacher's Guide, Yeap Ban Har, Nirmala Segaran, Duriya Aziz, Marshall Cavendish Education, 2008  www.SingaporeMath.com).