Aprendizaje de Vocabulario Dirigido por los Estudiantes


    You and your partner will help direct our class in learning new vocabulary. This teaching experience should be well planned and concise.  ¡Diviértate!




    Part 1 – Daily vocabulary review  (5 minutes)


    Using the list I gave you, you must direct the class in a daily vocabulary review.  You and your partner will have two to five minutes.  You must use gestures, props, or images to help you as you pronounce a word and the class repeats it after you. If you create a slideshow, each slide must contain...

    1. The word from our list
    2. An image of the word
    3. A sentence with the word


    Part 2 – One-time vocabulary activity (15-20 minutes)


    You and your partner must guide the class in a one-time, ten-minute vocabulary activity.  This activity must include everyone in the room and be predominantly oral (with little or no writing).




    Parte 1                                                                                                             80 puntos



    ·     Entusiasmo                                                                                       20 puntos


    • You and your partner exhibit enthusiasm for what you're sharing
    • You encourage participation from your classmates


    ·     Claridad                                                                                              10 puntos



    o  There is a clear understanding as to what your gestures, props, or images represent

    o  You pronounce the words correctly (see wordreference.com for help!)

    o  You give clear instructions

    § Words you need to remember:

    ·     Saquen la lista de vocabulario – Take out the vocabulary list

    ·     ¡Levántense! – Stand up

    ·     Repitan – Repeat

    ·     Muy bien, fabuloso, excelente, etc…

    ·     Siéntense – Sit down


    ·     Consistencia                                                                                       10 puntos



    o  You and your partner complete the review everyday for the assigned period (2-3 days)

    ·      You and your partner speak Spanish as much as possible during the review

    ·      Your materials are ready at the beginning of class.  This means that any Google presentations are shared with me ahead of time (sjackson), any keynotes or powerpoints are ready to go on a usb drive, and you bring any props with you at the beginning of class.  Having to return to your locker will lose you points!


    ·     Gramática                                                                                          10 puntos



    o  Your props, gestures, or images show creative thought


    Parte 2                                                                                                             20 puntos



    ·     Planes                                                                                                 10 puntos



    o  Each student has an active role in the activity.

    o  The activity runs smoothly



    ·     Claridad                                                                                                10 puntos



    o  Instructions are clear

    o  Spanish is spoken as much as possible

    o  “Teachers” check for understanding – they make sure that their classmates understand the activity and the questions involved.  If questions are answered or vocabulary is used incorrectly, “teachers” correct it.



    TOTAL POSIBLE                                                                                    60 PUNTOS





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