• Fundations News from Kindergarten



    All families will receive a FUNDATIONS HOME FOLDER at Open House. Please keep this folder in a safe place.  From time to time we will be sending home parent letters, letters of the alphabet and misc items to add to this folder.  
    The folder has two pockets:  one is for the letters of the alphabet and one is for miscellaneous items such as a laminated writing grid. Parent letters should be placed in the center binding (these letters will have three wholes punched in them).

    You may choose to photocopy the grid and have a page to practice each letter or you may write directly on the laminated grid.  If you choose to write directly on the laminated grid, please be sure to use a dry erase marker.  Permanent or watercolor markers may not wipe off completely. 

    Please keep in mind that this is only a suggested way for you to support your child at home.  It is not a formal homework assignment and does not need to be returned to school. 

    Thank you for your continued support.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

    Kimberley Criscola-Theall
    Orientation Week:                  Letter:  lowercase t. (Completed)
    Unit 1: (Completed)
    Unit 1: Week One:                    Letters:  lowercase b and lowercase f.     
    Unit 1: Week Two:                   Letters:   lowercase n and lowercase m.   
    Unit 1: Week Three:                 Letters:   lowercase i and lowercase u.     
    Unit 1: Week Four:                   Letters:   lowercase c and lowercase o.    
    Unit 1: Week Five:                    Letters:   lowercase a and lowercase g.    
    Unit 1: Week Six:                      Letters:   lowercase d and lowercase s.    
    Unit 1: Week Seven:                 Letters:   lowercase e and lowercase r.    
    Unit 1: Week Eight:                  Letters:   lowercase p and lowercase j.     
    Unit 1: Week Nine:                   Letters:   lowercase l, lowercase h and lowercase k.   
    Unit 1: Week Ten:                    Letters:   lowercase v and lowercase w.    
    Unit 1: Week Eleven:               Letters:   lowercase y and lowercase x.     
    Unit 1: Week Twelve:              Letters:   lowercase z and lowercase q.     
    Unit 2:  (Completed)
    Handwriting: uppercase letters and review of all lowercase letters.
    Review of letters sounds.
    C-V-C words.
    Unit 3:   
    Unit 4:   Digraph work:  ck, ch, sh, th, wh
    Unit 5: