1. Separate location...with timer...I use my iPhone...or microwave timer! (Do not allow your child to see the timer and base the time on your child)
    2. Routine...checklist of the routine!
    3. Circle VERB in directions followed by underlining what the VERB wants you to do. If student is confused about VERBs, Can I do it!!!!
    4. Verbalize directions and use post it to setup procedures with check boxes!
    5. Set up a play date with another student in same class so that students can develop cooperative work skills and it also gives more accountability to each student and this takes the pressure off the parent(s)!
    6. Learn Computer tips..(I HAVE DECIDED THAT I WILL CREATE A SHORT VIDEO TUTORIAL TO DEMONSTRATE HOW TO USE MY COMPUTER TIPS---STAY TUNED)..Google highlight, www.quizlet, typingweb.com, khan academy, recording devices, setup short cut for reading articles out loud. If you have any questions, email me at dscholl@scarsdaleschools.org!
    7. Isolate the activity by recording the voice of the student first and then have them listen to it before writing (you can use any recording device, however I often use my iPhone or a snowflake (small USB microphone that goes on top of computer) on my laptop. We also use dragon dictation (IPAD APP)..80% success rate and then edit!
    8. Notability (iPad app) for writing down assignments plus recording of extra information needed!
    9. Long term projects....plan on a calendar when they are going to work on the project or using iCal on their iTouch.
    10. Know your kid!!!!! Don't make it your homework!
    11. Make Printable homework completion chart or even a contract!
    12. Be patient, (NO-BE REALLY PATIENT) let you child develop stamina for approaching problems and frustration levels!
    13. Give example problems with lower numbers for math problems!
    14. Use their names and friends name when doing word problems...I find that this creates a better pictorial in their head!
    15. Establish folders or bins for unfinished and finished homework!
    16. Some students need breaks...know your child!!
Last Modified on September 23, 2021