•                                                               MUSICAL POEMS    
    What makes a poem especially "musical"?  A combination of words that create a variety of spoken pitches, rhythms, tempos and a type of inner music!  On this site you will find poems that children in my classes recite, create music for, act out and enjoy over and over again.  Enjoy sharing these with your child!
                                                                   White sheep, white sheep,
                                                                   On a blue hill,
                                                                   When the wind stops,
                                                                   You all stand still.
                                                                   When the wind blows,
                                                                   You walk away slow.
                                                                   White sheep, white sheep,
                                                                   Where do you go?
                                               Christina Georgina Rossetti (December 5, 1830 December 29, 1894) was an English poet.