• reading  At-home Reading Info...
    Each child in first grade is expected to read for 15-20 minutes each night.  That reading can include being read to by an adult, listening to a book on tape/computer or independent reading.  
    **Daily sight word practice counts too!  
    If you'd like tools to document at-home reading more frequently than the reading journal does, below I've attached a daily reading log and some different reading response sheets that can be used to support/enhance your at-home reading time.  Please know that this is optional.  I am happy to have a look at your child's log or responses on a weekly basis in addition to the at-home journal- so if you choose to use them, please have your child bring them in on Monday mornings and put them in my mailbox.  Happy Reading!!


    Literacy Websites to continue the learning at home...

    Starfall: Children have fun with phonics while learning to read.

    PBS Kids: Hundreds of fun educational games with favorite PBS KIDS characters.

    Scholastic: Online activities and interactive learning for children.