• Stress is defined as "anything that causes you to change or adapt".  Stress can come from happy things as well as unhappy things.   There is no way to live a life that does not have any stress.  What you must do is learn how to cope with stress.  Here are some ideas:
    1.  Exercise.  This is the best way to reduce the effects of stress on your body.  It does not need to be anything fancy.  Take a walk.  Turn on some music and dance, go running, ride a bicycle.  Anything that gets you moving is great.
    2.  Manage your time.   PROCRASTINATION IS THE ENEMY. 
    3.  Organize.  Make lists, use post-its any model that works for you to keep track of what you have to do.  Then rank order them in order of importance.  Do the things on your list in the order of importance.  If you do not get to everything on your list, you will still be less stressed because you DID accomplish the  most important things.  The things on today's list that did not get completed go to the top of tomorrow's list.
    4.  Take breaks and plan time for fun.  ( fun that is safe, legal and good for your body)
    5.  Make sure to eat well and sleep enough.
    6.  Pursue a hobby.
    7.  If you are doing too much, give up your least favorite.  You won't even miss it.
    8.  Practice some kind of relaxation technique like yoga, guided imagry, or progressive relaxation.
    9.  Talk to a professional if you are feeling overwhelmed.
    IF you are interested in the relaxation we did in class, get a power nap kit.  Powernapkit.com