• PTA Grant Program

    We have set aside up to $20,000 of this fiscal year's PTA reserves for grants to all teachers of K-5. The grants will be offered for enrichment activities which will strengthen, broaden, or deepen the children’s understanding of material that will be covered in the classrooms.

    Grants should be inclusive and not limited to a subset of students within a class or grade level. Grant money will not be available for facilities improvement, permanent fixtures, hardware, or core curriculum provided by the District.  Proposals can be submitted in writing by hard copy or by e-mail to the PTA President (foxmeadowpta@gmail.com) with the prior sign-off of the Principal. The PTA President will submit each proposal to the PTA Executive Board.

    Proposals ideally should be one page but no longer than two pages and should utilize this printable PDF or this downloadable MS WORD document in which you can type directly.  You may also follow the format outlined below: 

    2019-2020 Grant Proposal Request

    1.  Overview of professional staff members participating and their roles
    2.  Amount of money being requested and how it will be spent
    3.  Summary of the project and its proposed benefits to the children, including how many children will be affected
    4.  Summary of any continuing obligations or expenses, if any
    5.  Timeline
    6.  Other considerations