KINDERGARTEN MUSIC 
    The 2017 - 18 class of QRS Kindergarteners is doing wonderful work in music!
    One of this year's favorite songs has become "I Have A Happy Face!"
    Ask your child to sing it for you, while tapping the rhythm of the words!
                                                I have a happy face, I have a happy face,
                                                I have a smiley face, I have a smiley face, 
                                                I have a helping face, I have a helping face, 
                                                I have a happy face, I have a happy face!
    Music time in Kindergarten is a unique and wonderful opportunity for children to explore and experience the sounds of traditional and unusual instruments, to feel the joy of moving to the beat, to tell the difference between high, medium and low tones, to listen to short and long sounds, to sing many different songs and much more!   The Kindergarteners in my classes are singing many folk songs from America and around the world.  They are tapping, clapping or walking to the beat and adding other locomotor skills to music, using colorful props such as scarves and masks. 
    I frequently use picture books and artwork in my classes to further enrich musical learning in interdisciplinary and creative ways, tailored as much as possible to each student's special strengths and learning styles.
    In the Spring, the Kindergarteners will present a musical celebration that will highlight what they have learned in their classes with Mr. Andrew Brown and me.  Please stay tuned for further information about this special event!
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    In Kindergarten Music, students learn how to:
    * Keep a steady beat.
    * Listen for high, medium and low sounds or pitches, as well as short and long sounds.
    * Listen and respond in various ways to fast, medium and slow music, as well as soft and loud music.
    * Learn to sing many folk songs and play singing games with dramatic play and props.
    * Dance folk dances and demonstrate creative movements to music.
    * Listen to music and reflect upon what was heard through art, words or movement.
    * Learn very basic music notation and sing different tones of the musical scale. 
    * Listen to musical stories and picture books with a musical idea or song.
    * Learn to recognize patterns with musical tones and different kinds of notes.
    * Attend and participate in school assemblies; sing sometimes with different grade levels or buddy classes.
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