family traditions

    Family Tradition Shares

    Here's a list of Family Sharing topics that you signed up for at Open House.  If you didn't have a chance to sign up, would like to join another parent for a share listed below, or if there is something you'd like to add, please email me.
    ****Please reach out to me as your share date comes closer so we can set a time.
    Ezra's family - building a sukkah
    Uma's family- Diwali
    Sloane's, Phoebe's, Camryn's, Sam's families - Hanukkah
    Alex's, Abby's, Lagdaf's families - Christmas
    Chloe's, Mason's families - Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year
    Zach's Family - Purim
    Calvin's family - Easter
    Pearl's family - Songkran Fesival (Thai New Year)
    **Anytime traditions
    Hailey's family - Mexican train
    Nate's family - drive-in movie
    Luca's family - summer nights