A time for learning about musical sounds, their sources all around us, singing songs, clapping rhythms, beginning notation, the joy and wonder of many kinds of music!
    First Graders welcomed in Autumn by singing about leaves using motions, melodic and rhythm patterns. Music listening walks outdoors sensitized children to different natural sounds that connect to actual percussion and other instruments in the classroom.
    They are currently singing songs and playing short fragments of them on metallophones, learning to recognize orchestral instruments, speaking about how the music makes them feel and creating movements to melodies and textures.  
    In addition, they are listening and moving to Antonio Vivaldi's Winter music from the Four Seasons.
    The first graders will also listen to French renaissance music during readings of Frog and Toad. When listening to frog's music, children make a shoulder-tapping movement to the beat, and when listening to toad's music, they tap their knees to the beat.
    Enjoy these selections with your children and ask them to teach you the movements!
     Mr. Frog                                    Flute
    Tap hands to the beat on shoulders.
    Enjoy the higher sounds of the flute playing the melody.    
    Mr. Toad                                   
    Tap hands to the beat on the knees or lower body.
    Enjoy the lower sounds of the rebec playing the melody.
    The first graders will also be learning a renaissance dance called the Branle Double to reinforce their feeling of the beat. They will dance this in a circle.
    Click on the link below to see a demonstration of the dance steps!
    The first graders will also be learning about design or form in music by watching the following video by and then using scarf movements to show the two main sections of this renaissance dance music called The Frog Galliard.  The music is played on an Archlute, a type of large lute from the String family of instruments.    The Frog Galliard