• Eligibility for the ENL  program:

            When a child is first enrolled in a school in New York State, parents fill out a home language questionnaire.  If a language other than English is spoken at home, the child is interviewed and if necessary tested for English language proficiency with the New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL). If the student’s scores indicate that the he or she is not yet English proficient,  the student is designated an English language learner (ELL) and is placed in  an ENL class.  Then, in the spring of each year, the student will be tested with the the New York State Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) to measure English proficiency.

            The NYSESLAT is administered once a year each spring. It consists of four parts:  Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.  Students are eligible for ENL services if their proficiency levels score Entering, Emerging, Transitioning,or Expanding.  Once a student achieves a score within the Commanding (Proficient) tier on the NYSESLAT,  he or she is exited from ENL.  Exited students generally receive transitional ENL services for at least one year following their achieving a Commanding score. 

    ENL classes at SHS:

             A student is  placed in an  ENL class by the ENL teacher in consultation with the student's dean.  We offer ENL II for beginning and low intermediate English learners.  This class meets 4 times weekly for a full school year.  ENL III is for high intermediate and advanced English learners.  This class meets 4 times weekly for a full school year.   ENL transition is for students who have achieved Commanding on the NYESESLAT,  passed ENL III or entered SHS from another country or ENL program at a high advanced  level.  This class meets 2  times weekly for a full school year.  Students take ENL transition in addition to  a mainstream English class. 

    Other classes  and support for ELLs at SHS:

    English language learners take all other subjects (history, science, math, art, music,  health,  and gym) in mainstream classes.   Some accommodations and additional support are available for ENL students.  For example, assignments and assessments may be modified by the classroom teacher and extra time may be given.  Also, teachers are available outside of class during office hours to answer questions and review material.

     Students may be graded on a pass/ fail basis; a "P" or "F" appears on the report card in place of a " A" "B" "C"... grade. This option must be discussed and agreed upon by the student, teacher, parents and administration.  The appropriate contract must be signed and filed. Credit for the class is achieved with a "P" grade.

     Support outside the subject area class is also available.  Academic Support Services can be arranged to help with class content, especially in  history and science.  The Math Center is open for extra help.  Signifer student tutors can be assigned to help with content classes or practice English.  In addition, Regents exam preparation will be scheduled as needed. See graduation requirements on the High School Website to learn about Regents requirements.