• SMS PTA Grant Program

    The SMS PTA invites teachers and departments to submit proposals for grants of up to $500 each to fund learning opportunities and projects not otherwise covered by the school district.  Teacher grants are separate and distinct from PTA gifts to the school and are intended to foster classroom innovation and enrichment opportunities that strengthen, broaden, or deepen the students' classroom experiences.  Grant money will not be available for facilities improvements, permanent fixtures, hardware, or core curriculum provided by the school district.

    Teacher grants may cover academic enhancements such as:
    • books, videos, DVDs, apps, computer software
    • teaching tools
    • materials for special programs or projects
    • field trips
    • speaker honoraria or consultant fees for individuals from outside the district to visit classrooms and lead student-based projects
    Grant Application Process
    1. Approval for your project must be obtained from the academic department chair and/or the SMS Principal before submission to the PTA.
    2. Individual staff members or departments as a whole must submit a written proposal to the SMS PTA President for consideration and decision by the SMS PTA Executive Committee as a whole.
    3. There is no restriction on the number of proposals an applicant may submit.  Each proposal will be evaluated individually on its own merit.
    4. If approved, original purchase orders, invoices, and/or receipts should be submitted to the SMS PTA mailbox in the main office for payment and reimbursement.
    Proposals should be no longer than two pages and follow the format below.  Text may be pasted into the body of an e-mail or copied into a document submitted via e-mail to the SMS PTA President at: ScarsdaleMiddleSchoolPTA@gmail.com:

    SMS PTA Grant Proposal

    Project Title:
    Grade(s) and Subject Taught:
    Pre-Approved by (Identify Department Chair or Principal):
    1. Overview of professional staff members participating and their roles:
    2. Amount of money being requested and how it will be spent:
    3. Summary of the project and its proposed educational benefits to the students, including how many students will be impacted:
    4. Summary of any continuing obligations or expenses, if any:
    5. Timeline:
    6. Other considerations, if any: