What day will my child celebrate his/her birthday?

    We will celebrate each student’s birthday during the school year.
    If your child's birthday falls on a Saturday, we will celebrate on Friday, and Sunday birthdays will be celebrated on Monday.
    Summer birthdays will be celebrated in June. 

    Can I bring a treat to share?

    Edgewood loves to celebrate birthdays.  However, we do not celebrate birthdays with food.  Each grade level celebrates birthdays in a unique way.

    What time is the birthday celebrated?

    We celebrate birthdays during snack and recess time.

     How do you celebrate birthdays in Ms. Theall's Kindergarten class?

    * The children celebrate with the teachers and the students in class.
    * The birthday child will receive a birthday crown and may wear it all day long. 
    * The birthday child will get to be the line leader for the day.
    * The birthday child will get to pick his/her name first for Choice Time.
    * The birthday child will get a birthday bracelet as a gift to wear.
    * We have a special birthday dance and song for the birthday boy or birthday girl. We sing and dance right before snack time.
    * The birthday child will bring home a birthday baggie. The bagggie contains a present to keep, books to read and a journal page to fill out.  The bag should be returned to school with all of the items (excluding the wrapped gift).