Students~ Use this site to access useful and fun study games and activities. Search for the uploaded lists of words to study for both vocabulary and spelling tests. Some activities allow you to print our worksheets or to listen to dictated words. Please browse through the options to become familiar with this fun, educational resource! :-)  Ms. Lund
    DIRECTIONS for taking a Pre-Test

    -Log on
    -On the opening page,  you  should type in your list of words from Lesson ______ of your Spelling book or list   ( necessary ingredient!)
    - Click on the 1st circle to take the pre-test.
    - The words will load, and then you will hear, "Get ready to take the test....."
    -Each word will be dictated, along with a sentence.

    -Listen and type each word.
    -Once completed, click "Check Me"
    -Once opened, type in "Speller's Name" and  click "Print Test Results"
    - A score sheet should come up. Print that sheet and bring it to school:-)