• What is a Workshop Model?


    A workshop model is an approach to teaching and learning that combines direct teaching, independent, partner and group work and individualized instruction. Our workshop incorporated several components:

    The Mini-Lesson
    The mini-lesson involves 15-20 minutes of direct instruction. Information from prior relevant lessons is reviewed, new information is presented and children are given an assignment.
    Independent Practice
    Children have the opportunity to ask questions and then are given time to work on an assignment independently or at times in small groups. Often notebooks are the place for the children to practice new skills and strategies in their daily assignments.
    As the children work the teacher circulates to check in with children to give further instruction, modify assignments and answer questions. Often children will be asked to focus on one strategy or a relevant component of the assignment. The teacher may use checklists or write anecdotal notes about each conference.
    After having time to work independently, children gather to share their work, ask questions, discuss the results of their independent practice and review the focus of the lesson.