• It's Math Time  
                                         Our Math Studies
          In the continuum of our work within the Singapore Math program, students are exposed to a variety of mathematical models in an experimental setting. 
             Mathematics  instruction is delivered as a collaborative effort beginning with hypotheses, modeling of the concepts, and an open sharing of understandings. 
          Students express their math cognition though the use of algorithms, manipulatives, virtual imagery with our Smartboard,
     Smartboard Tools   and through the promotion of vigorous expression and debates.  Learners are      encouraged to demonstrate their math facility within their group and during full  class instruction, occasionally  creating a video lesson to use for future reference. 
             A recent strategy that we've added to our classroom has been the use of Play-Doh for use  as a visualization tool...to bring an abstract concept within the realm of the concrete.  So...while studying multiplication or division with fractions, students might construct this:
    One Third of Eight  
                                                      (for full sequence - open the attached document. Note: Large file!! Please be patient for download.)
                                                                                 Dividing Numbers with Play-Doh
             Initially, we will be reviewing and enhancing student knowledge of higher order place values (billions, millions, hundred thousands...), estimation and approximation, and, multiples and factors.
           As the year progresses, units of instruction in this classroom become more complex, with fractions, ratios, probability, graphing, decimals, and using this knowledge to attempt real-life application of mathematical principles in areas such as science, engineering, architecture, and robotics.
    Spatial Math HW
     Area of a Triangle Volume of Water
     Area of a Complex 2D Shape
     Student Math Constructions Aviation Math