School Bus
                            TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT                                       
    Our goal this year, as it has been in the past, is to provide safe and comfortable transportation for all students.
    We look forward to attaining this goal in a spirit of cooperation and understanding.
    PARENTS: Please review these rules carefully and discuss them with your child.   
                       We believe you will agree that the rules are reasonable and necessary.
    • Be on time – drivers are on a schedule
    • Ride only the school bus assigned
    • Board and exit the school bus in an orderly manner
    • Be courteous to residents, the bus driver, other students
    • Wait for bus driver’s signal before crossing in front of school bus. (walk ten feet in front of bus before crossing in front of bus)
    • Remain seated while the school bus is in motion
    • Help keep the bus clean and sanitary
    • Board and exit the school bus only at assigned stops.


    • push, shove, fight aboard the school bus, or at bus stops
    • shout or use vile and abusive language
    • take possessions belonging to others
    • throw items out of the windows
    • reserve or save seats
    • disturb the bus driver
    • vandalize the school bus (vandals will be required to pay for damages)
    • damage property at school bus stop
    • eat, drink or smoke on the school bus
    • extend arms or any other part of body out of the window
    • stand on seats or sit on top of the back of the seats
    • bring any guest to ride on the school bus
    • bring any guests to the bus stop
    • bring pets or large (or pointed) objects aboard the bus (including large musical instruments) 
    • participate in any other unsafe or damaging activity.
    Violation of the rules listed above may result in the suspension of school bus privileges.