• art    Art

    Day D

    11:00 to 11:40


    Teacher: Mr. Matthew Fitzpatrick

    music     Music:   

    Day B and C

    Day B 8:45 to 9:25

    Day C 9:25 to 10:05

    Teacher: Ms. Lisa Forte



    pe     Physical Education:

    Day A and E

    Day A 10:20 to 11:00

    Day E 8:45 to 9:45

    Teacher: Coach Weigel
    **Children must wear or bring sneakers to school on P.E. days.



    SPANISH Spanish

    Day B, D and F Day

    B 9:25 to 9:50

    Day D 8:45 to 9:05

    Day F 8:45 to 9:25

    Teacher: Ms. Lisa Houston
    library Library:  TBA

    Teacher: Mrs. Allison Turner
    ** Children should return books to the classroom on the morning we have our class .

    computer    Computers:
                                           Day TBA  

    Teacher: Paul Tomizawa