•   Important announcement!   SLEEP IS NOT A LUXURY.   It is a necessity.  It is during sleep that you grow and repair your body.   Without sleep you cannot learn new information, you cannot cope with your problems, you cannot get better if you are sick!  It is just as important as food and water.
      Important announcement #2!  There is no SLEEP BANK IN THE SKY.   In other words, you cannot go on no sleep during the week and hope to make it up on the weekends by sleeping all day.   It does not work that way.  You need to get the right amount of sleep each day.  There is some variation, but it is generally suggested that teenagers get around 9 hours a night. Yes, I did say 9 hours per night.
       Here are some tips to help you get the sleep that you NEED:
    • pick a bed time and go to bed at the same time EVERY night.
    • get yourself used to a bedtime routine.  use that routine EVERY night
    • get caffeine out of your diet.   this includes soda, iced tea, coffee and tea
    • don't overload on sugar.  this will also keep you awake
    • make sure there are no interruptions in your bedroom when you are trying to sleep.  this means turn off your computer, your phone, your TV
    • keep a pen and paper next to your bed.  if there is something that you are worried about that is keeping you from sleeping, write it down and tell yourself that you will deal with it tomorrow.

       Good luck and good night!