• Science 6 - Information

    Science is a process of gathering information through precise and accurate investigation, in order to increase ones' knowledge of natural phenomenon and the unexplained. Sixth grade science introduces students to this investigatory pursuit of knowledge. It is through a process of active and authentic learning techniques that foster a students'inquiry skills, that sixth grade science will open the doors ofscientific wonder and exploration to each student.

    Course Outline

    There will be 4 major topics of study throughout the sixth grade year (order of topic coverage may vary).

    I. Nature of Science
    - inquiry, methods, observations, and measurement

    II. Ecology
    - adaptations and interactions within biomes

    III. Forces and Motion
    - forces, friction, gravity, motion, speed, velocity, Newton's laws, work, and power

    IV. Simple Machines
    - types, functions, efficiency, and application