• Extra help is available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school. There are very few exceptions when this will not be the case. If I am not available after school, I always make time to see students during lunch. There is no exception.
    You must simply tell me in class that you'd like to see me after school. If I am unaware that you are coming, I may be checking mail or be in a meeting. Do not simply show up at 3:00 with no warning and wonder where I am.
    Extra help is essential. My best students always attend. The students who struggle rarely ever come. This is an irony that should be noted. The positive side, though, is that there is no stigma attached to attending. It simply aligns you with the best students.
    Please be aware of the standard extra help excuses: "He wasn't there"; "He told me I didn't need to go", and "He just told me to ask more questions in class." Although I am human, I rarely miss an extra help session. And, when I do, I always make an alternate date (usually at lunch). Students are never denied extra help. I do, however, often ask kids to come in for writing help when we are in the middle of a writing assignment (and not when we are covering some other topic). So, it is plausible that I could ask a student to wait a few weeks for more focused help.