• Independent Study

    In an effort to expand the experiences that our students receive, we offer an Independent Study course that may be taken during a student’s 10th-12th grade school years.  All online applications for this course must be reviewed by the Department Chairperson, Mrs. Roemer, and high school administration for approval.  Only 3 units (three quarters) may be taken during the student’s 10th – 12th grade course of study, with a limit of one per year.
    For 2019-2020:
    All Independent Study applications must be submitted by the end of May in the school year PRIOR to the year for which you are seeking enrollment in the Independent Study course.  This application deadline is for all four quarters of the school year.  No exceptions. 
    Criteria for the Independent Study course include:

    1. Students must have achieved the Healthy Fitness Zone standard in all of the components of the most recent FitnessGram fitness test, given annually at the start of the second quarter.

    2. Student currently meets all Physical Education requirements.

    3. The course requested must be educational in nature within the field of Physical Education (Competition or practice sessions will not be considered).

    4. A certified professional within the individual field of study must teach the course.

    5. Students need to participate a minimum of 25 hours in the activity during the quarter, with active engagement throughout the course of the quarter.

    6. The course cannot be offered, nor any derivative of the course be offered, here at Scarsdale High School.
    Grading for Independent Study:

     40 % of grade based on documentation of performance.
     10 % for timely and accurate reporting.
          *Students are required to turn in a time log every five weeks; one time log turned in to Mrs. Roemer halfway through the quarter, and the second time log turned in at the end of the quarter. Each entry in the time log must include date, time, a brief description of the class, and a signature from the certified professional.
             2018-2019 Due Dates for Time Logs:                  
                         1st Quarter: due 10/5/18 and 11/9/18                                      
                         2nd Quarter: due 12/14/18 and 1/25/19
                         3rd Quarter: due 3/1/19 and 4/5/19           
                         4th Quarter: due 5/17/19 and 6/14/19
    50 % of grade based on articulating learning outcomes, self-assessment,  and future designs for continued study in the particular field of study.

    At the end of the quarter, students will submit the final detailed time log with signatures along with a project write-up that reviews the activities in which the student was engaged and reflects the learning that took place as a result of the experience. This write-up must include all information listed above (articulating learning outcomes, self-assessment, and future designs for continued study in that particular field).
    Procedure for Application:

    1. Complete the online application.  All Independent Study applications must be submitted online by the end of May in the school year PRIOR to the year for which you are seeking enrollment in the Independent Study course.
    Independent Study Application - this link will be active March 1, 2019 through May 31, 2019.
    2. Once the online application is submitted, print and complete the Physical Education Department Independent Study Proposal Signature form. Return the signed form to Mrs. Roemer in the Athletic Office (Room 235) along with the brochure, as requested in the online application.
    3. Completed applications, signature form, and brochure all must be submitted before the due date.  Materials may be submitted to Mrs. Roemer in Room 235.  An application that is received after the deadline will not be considered. 

    4. Students need to attend their scheduled P.E. class until notified of the department’s decision.