• Word Study


    The purpose of teaching spelling is to promote correct spelling in daily writing.There are several important components of our spelling program: Core words,Springboard Activities and Assessment.


    Core Words

    Core words are the words that are used for teaching basic spelling skills.  These words will be learned and mastered during the program, but will also become the basis for teaching vocabulary, spelling patterns, phonemic awareness, grammar, and word origins.Each week we will have 5 high frequency core words that we will use to establish a common understanding of a spelling rule or pattern and 5 words that will be selected from misspelled words in each individual student’s writing.


    Springboard Activities

                Using these 10core words we will extend and expand our spelling pattern or rule throughout the week using different springboard activities. Some activities will be done in class while others will go home as homework. (Blank copies of each springboard worksheet are available on the 3 Lynch School Wires page under Homework.)


    Spelling Springboard activities …

    ·     Create writing experiences.

    ·     Expand vocabulary.

    ·     Teach word study strategies.

    ·     Promote language development.

    ·     Extend spelling patterns and rules.



                The purpose of teaching spelling is to promote correct spelling in daily writing, so assessment has two important facets: a weekly dictation and review of students’ written work.


    ·     Provides ongoing assessment of high frequency words

    ·     Reinforces sentence structure

    ·     Provides review and assessment of capitals and punctuation

    ·     Fosters listening skills


    Spelling in Writing..

    ·     Reinforces editing skills

    ·     Creates individualized word lists

    ·     Encourages students to extend vocabulary in writing

    ·     Creates accountability for high frequency words