• Welcome Letter

    Dear Soon To Be 4th Grader,


    Hello! My name is Miss Knezevich and I would like to introduce myself to you because I am going to be your new teacher this year. My students also call me Miss K., so don’t worry too much about the pronunciation of my name. I am very excited about meeting our class and working with you this year! I am spending time this summer planning challenging projects and activities for us to do and can’t wait to share my ideas with you.

           Although the 4th grade student supply list has been posted online, there are a few items that I would like to add on, as they will be very helpful in our classroom organization. They include:


    ·      One 2-inch WHITE binder (view finder preferred)

    ·      One package of clear sheet protectors (Avery pkg. of 100, top loading). Please load into binder before bringing to school.


    Enjoy your summer vacation and I will see you in September!



    Miss Knezevich