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    Introduction to History
          In the Introduction to History unit, students learn that history can be studies through primary sources. We will look at artifacts, examine photographs, analyze documents, and conduct interviews. We gather as much information as we can from these sources by noticing deeply and reflecting on what each source tells us about the life and times of the people it affected.
         Below are some websites where you can find more primary sources to examine.

          StoryCorps is a project whose mission is to honor and celebrate people's lives through listening. You can listen to interesting stories that people from around the country have recorded, and you can even record your own!

          Be an "Image Detective" by posing a question, gathering clues, getting background information, and drawing a conclusion. There are several historical images to choose from on your quest.

          Examine several historical photographs to find out what's wrong with each one. Can you achieve the level of "Super Sleuth"?

    Picture History
          View images from throughout the United States over our 200 year history.