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Word Sort #23 adding ion:vowel aternation spelling change

exclaim                      exclamation
proclaim                     proclamation
acclaim                      acclamation
explain                       explanation
reclaim                       reclamation
assume                      assumption
presume                    presumption
consume                    consumption
resume                       resumption
receive                       reception
perceive                     perception

Word Sort #22 Vowel alternations: long, short, schwa

Long to short
suffice                  sufficient
democrat             democracy
wise                     wisdom
decide                  decision

Long to schwa
preside                     president
inspire                      inspiration
mandate                  mandatory
narrate                     narrative

Short to schwa
metallic                         metal
emphatic                     emphasis
habit                            habitat
excel                            excellent

Word Sort #21

Adding suffix-ity:vowel alternation, schwa to short

personal             personality
hostile                 hostility
mental                mentality
fatal                     fatality
general               generality
brutal                  brutality
local                    locality
mobile                 mobility
fertile                   fertility
original                originality
individual             individuality

Word Sort #20

volcano          volcanic
conspire        conspiracy
serene           serenity
divine             divinity
compose         composition
compete         competition
admire            admiration
custodian        custody
define            definition
invite             invitation
reside            resident
oppose           opposition

Word Sort #19

please           pleasant
mine             mineral
breathe        breath
revise           revision
nature          natural
cave              cavity
athlete         athletic
type             typical
crime           criminal
humane         humanity
ignite            ignition
precise         precision

Word Sort #18 Consonant Alternation

sign         signature
soft          soften            
crumb      crumble      
muscle      muscular
resign       resignation 
solemn     solemnity 
 bomb        bombard
column     columnist
design       designate  
moist         moisten
haste          hasten
 hymn       hymnal                    

Word Sort #17   Adding         ation       cation      and    ition

ation                       e drop                 cation                     ition              

information           organization        application         addition
consideration       imagination       identification        partition
presentation          reservation       justification          edition
relaxation              starvation         purification
temptation             quotation         beautification
transportation       examination     gratification
expectation           memorization   notification 

Word Sort #16

Adding ion,  dropping e , and changing the spelling

Base te            Drop e  + ion              Base de/d          d    >  sion

operate            operation                       explode              explosion
create                creation                        erode                  erosion
decorate          decoration                     allude                   allusion
illustrate         illustration                     invade               invasion
imitate             imitation                        conclude           conclusion
                                                           comprehend        comprehension
                                                              expand                    expansion

Word Sort #15

Adding ion and ian with no spelling change

invent                                  invention
magic                                  magician
digest                                  digestion
music                                  musician
suggest                              suggestion
adopt                                   adoption
insert                                    insertion
electric                                electrician
prevent                                 prevention
clinic                                     clinician
distort                                    distortion
desert                                     desertion

Sort #14  Adding –ion to Base Words, No Spelling Change

collect           collection
express         expression
protect          protection
subtract        subtraction
select            selection
discuss          discussion
construct      construction
possess         possession
oppress          oppression
confess          confession
impress         impression
connect         connection           

Word Study Sort #13
Verb Suffixes

en                                  ize                              ify

frighten                     capitalize                   classify
straighten                 symbolize                  beautify
sweeten                    energize                     purify
forbidden                   summarize                 falsify
mistaken                   harmonize                  diversify
dampen                     idolize                        simplify
lengthen                    visualize                   

Word Sort #12

Adjective Suffixes  (ful, ous, ious)

ful                       ous                ious                   oddball                               

delightful        dangerous           envious         outrageous
successful      humorous            studious     
wasteful        mountainous        glorious          
stressful        poisonous          rebellious
wonderful       vigorous             furious
shameful        famous
boastful        scandalous
cheerful          nervous
beautiful         marvelous

Word Sort #11
Suffixes                  al       ial       ic

         Ia                             ial                             ic

accidental                   memorial                  patriotic
betrayal                       industrial                   alphabetic
arrival                          territorial                    heroic
fictional                        tutorial                    angelic
comical                         editorial                  Islamic
musical                                                        rhythmic
global                                                             poetic

Word Sort #10 Suffixes
Baseword –ty                                 Baseword   -ity


safe            safety                      tranquil        tranquility 
special       specialty                  humid          humidity
casual       casualty                   sensitive      sensitivity
certain      certainty                   minor            minority
royal           royalty                      active            activity
novel         novelty                      festive               festivity

Word Sort #9

 ary                                     ery                               ory                                  

imaginary                   bravery                         category
stationery                    library                          machinery
lavatory                   stationary                         mystery
inventory                  military                             ordinary
scenery                   dormitory                          victory
history                   necessary                          century
delivery                  February                           directory
secretary                 January                              grocery

Word Sort #8  Suffixes (-ment, -less, -ness)

ment                             less                                 ness

payment                     breathless                        laziness
punishment                  priceless                     friendliness
replacement              powerlessness                saltiness
government                 fruitless                        emptiness
employment                 tactless                        dizziness
amusement                   flawless                        blindness
agreement                    hopeless                       politeness     

Word Sort #7   Noun Suffixes (-er, -or, -ian, -ist)  sort these under the proper endings:

er                    or                   ist                       ian

speaker                      creator                        guardian
artist                           traveler                         visitor    
historian                      terrorist                     finalist
prisoner                     decorator                  defender
director                     Australian                  specialist  
Asian                          believer                      inventor   
librarian                      vocalist                      attacker
survivor                      admirer                        civilian     

 Word Sort #6              5 Burns
Comparative Suffixes   er     est      ier      iest

     er                    est                        ier              iest

kinder                kindest               earlier            earliest
stranger            strangest           emptier          emptiest
cleaner             cleanest            trickier           trickiest
quieter              quietest            fancier            fanciest
harsher          harshest             crummier         crummiest
                                                 murkier            murkiest
                                                 shinier               shiniest