• Math Overview

    Lessons are based on the Primary Mathematics (Singapore Math) curriculum, which emphasizes problem solving, conceptual understanding, and the ability to approach problems in a variety of ways. Students first encounter the mathematical concepts concretely, through the use of manipulatives.  Students then move on to the pictorial stage in which pictures are used to model problems. When students are familiar with the ideas taught, they progress to a more advanced or abstract stage in which only numbers, notation and symbols are used.

    Students are using number disks to solve a math problemMath

           In third grade three, students learn:
    • numbers and place value to 10,000
    • mental methods of addition and subtraction
    • multiplication and division facts to 10
    • multiplication and its relationship to division
    • data analysis and probability
    • fraction equivalencies
    • fractions of a whole
    • adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators
    • money - multiplication, division and fractions
    • measurement - length, weight and capacity
    • geometry - angles and triangles

    Steps for Problem Solving with Bar Models :

    1. Understand the problem. Underline important information, key words,

    and the question.

    2. Draw a bar model to represent

    each variable and add labels.

    3. Add information and adjust the

    bars to match the problem.

    4. Work out the computation.

    5. Write a complete sentence to answer the question.

    Bar Modeling Example: Using the Bar Modeling Technique to Solve a Word Problem

    Roy had 3 times as many comic books as Sammy. If Sammy had 7 comic books, how many comic books did Roy have?