• Snack Information

    First graders eat a snack every morning in school. Please help your child to pack a nutritious "tree nut and peanut free" snack daily. Snacks should be labeled separately from lunch and will be removed from backpacks and kept at the bottom of the cubbies every day. Lunch bags remain in backpacks so there is no chance for a mix-up. Please include a reusable bottle of water. All other beverages will be saved for lunch. If your child brings in candy, please know that he/she will be asked to save it as a dessert for lunch. Here are some suggestions for appropriate snacks:

    fresh or dried fruit
    Pirate Booty or Veggie Booty
    Rice Cakes
    Soy Crisps
    Cheese sticks
    Vegetables and dip
    Snack sized portions of: soup, salad, sandwiches, spaghetti, etc.
    Energy bars for kids w/o nuts(Odwalla, Z bars)
    Granola w/o nuts
    (Trader Joes sells reasonably priced, organic healthy cereals, energy bars, dried fruit and various other snacks.)

    Many thanks!!