Children should bring a healthy snack to school each day- fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, cheese, crackers, pretzels, or other healthy options.  It is a long morning between breakfast and lunch for the children and a little something helps your child be more alert.  
    We have a peanut/nut free classroom.  Only snacks that are peanut, nut, and nut oil free can be eaten in the classroom.  Please look very carefully at the ingredients on the snack wrappers as well as ingredients in the foods that you make at home.  Because we need to be considerate of the children in the class who may have or develop severe allergies, students are asked to not share snacks. 
    Children should not be putting food down directly on the table when they are eating. They also will be cleaning up after themselves and should always come with a napkin and utensils( spoon, fork, or knife) if necessary. Reusable water bottles are encouraged.
    On days that we may be eating lunch in the classroom (i.e. on field trip days in case we are late for the cafeteria) again, no foods with nuts, peanuts, or nut oils may be brought into the classroom or eaten. 
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.