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    Online Scrabble 
    3SH students will be working on building vocabulary as we make possible plays in our online Scrabble game with Dr.Folkemer, former Assistant Superintendent of Scarsdale Schools. He has given us lists of two and three letter words. Be sure to help your child look up the meaning of any suggested words in a dictionary and or use the dictionary on your computer. The children will be very excited about our game. No proper nouns are allowed. Our focus is on building vocabulary, not the score.  We are also playing games with other third grade classrooms  3Co, 3Ba, and 3Kn at Quaker Ridge.

    Scrabble is a wonderful classroom activity that meshes with our district goals of deepening and strengthening students' critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and word study. Sometimes we'll take suggested words, study word families, and write poems based on our contributions. 
    Scrabble Tips and Tools - Dr. Folkemer suggests this site as a good one for us to use.

    In addition to looking up words in our green intermediate dictionaries, you may use the Aa dictionary in your dock which has been downloaded from Applications.  I have also added Dictionary.com which some of you have at home.  This site also has a thesaurus and encyclopedia component to it.

    Online Dictionary

    OSPD List of 2 and 3 Letter Words, the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary List of 2 Letter Words from 1998.

    List of Two and Three Words

    Here is a new list of two and 3 letter words.

    Scrabble Tiles Listed by Point Values

    0 points: blank/wild (2)

    1 point: E (12), A (9), I (9), O (8), N (6), R (6), T (6), L (4), S (4), U (4)
    2 points: D (4), G (3)
    3 points: B (2), C (2), M (2), P (2)
    4 points: F (2), H (2), V (2), W (2), Y (2)
    5 points: K (1)
    8 points: J (1), X (1)
    10 points: Q (1), Z (1)

    9/13 3sh vs. 3Kn
     9/13 3sh vs 3Ba

    9/13 3sh vs 3Co
      9/19  3Coscrabble
    9/19 3Ba  scrabble
    9/19 Kn scrabble  
     10/26 3Sh vs 3Ba
     10/26 3sh vs. 3Kn
     10/26 3sh vs. 3Co
     11/14 3sh vs 3Co
     11/14 3Sh vs 3Ba
     11/14/14 3sh vs 3kn
     11/17 3sh vs 3co