Flat Stanley
    (Taken from google images, barnesandnoble.com)
    Dear Parents,

    This letter is to inform you that we will be doing two Flat Stanley projects this year. The first project will be for February break. I ask that you help your child with this project.

    In school, the class enjoyed a book called Flat Stanley. The story is about a boy whose bulletin board flattens him one night while he is sleeping. At first he is sad, but then he finds all sorts of things that he is able to do when he is flat. One thing he can do is fold himself up in an envelope and mail himself to visit friends in faraway places. After we finished the story, students made cut outs of their own Flat Stanley.

    Please take Stanley on an adventure during February break. If you are going to any kind of vacation during the break, please take him along. If you are going to be home for February break, please include Stanley on any family outing.

    Students will be required to make a poster and write or type a one page report answering specific questions (see below). Remind your child to be creative. If you can include photos of Stanley with your child/family during his adventure that would be great. All pictures/artifacts should be included on the poster. Flat Stanley should be “dressed” (using crayons, markers, paints or sometimes fabric) in clothes that reflect the climate and/or activities he saw and did during the break. Help your child, but please do not do the project for them. Projects should be student made, not parent made.

    If you have any questions about this project give me a call. If you would like to see some sample projects from last year, please stop by the classroom before school.

    Posters are due by March 9th. Students can bring in their project if they are completed earlier. The poster paper has been provided-please use it.



    PS. The next Flat Stanley project will begin in April. The second project requires that Flat Stanley be mailed to a friend or relative in another country or anywhere within the United States. More detailed information about this project will be coming soon.

    Questions to be answered in your report:


    1. Where did Flat Stanley go? Be specific. Name the town, city or country.
    2. What did he do? Name and describe the activities he did.
    3. What kinds of things did Stanley see on his adventure?
    4. What kind of area was Flat Stanley in? Urban(city), Suburban(town)? Rural(farm)?
    5. What was the weather like?
    6. What kind of clothes did he have to wear?
    7. Include any interesting facts about the places Flat Stanley visited.