• Fifth Grade Mathematics

    order of Operations
    Primary Mathematics
    (Singapore Math)
    * Primary mathematics helps children make connections between pictures, words, and numbers.
    * Cumulative program that revisits concepts covered earlier by connecting strands of mathematics.
    * Topic intensive, with fewer topics covered per grade level.
    * Smaller textbooks, with skills not re-taught formally.
    * Mental-math strategies embedded in the program.
    * Highly visual program that benefits special-needs and inclusion students.
    *Check out my Website at web.www.scarsdaleschools.k12.ny.us/Singapore (make sure it's web and not WWW!)
     Singapore Presentation...Check this out!
    Fifth Grade Topics
    Whole and Big Numbers                                                                                Ratio
    Percentage                                                                                                       Multiplication
    Volume                                                                                                              Division
    Decimals                                                                                                           Geometry
    Fractions                                                                                                           Algebra
    Data Analysis                                                                                                   Problem-Solving