• Private music lessons are for students who want to pursue their musical education outside of school and participate in other performance activities outside of school such as All County Band, recitals, NYSSMA, etc. Private lessons can help to provide additional individual instruction that can both help students who need a little extra to "catch up" as well as to accommodate the student who excels and would like to advance to the "next level". It is also great for the student who just loves their instrument and would like to spend more time learning more about it.
    The following is by no means a definitive list. These are people who have taught privately in Scarsdale or who have had Scarsdale students come to their school or studio. Some of the following teachers will travel to student's homes, others teach out of their studios or other music schools.
    Here is a partial list of some excellent private teachers:

    Westchester Home Music: Larry Edoff (914) 262-5474

    The Music Conservatory of Westchester
    (914) 761- 3900

    Hoff Barthelson
    (914) 723-1169

    MUSIKA (An online lesson service which matches instructors  with students. Instructors go to students homes.)


    Dominique Soucy Piscitelli

    Joseph Piscitelli (914)472-5886, (914)391-9578

    Pam Sklar (914)723-8404

    Donna Elaine (914)948-0902
    Alan Hollander (914)699-7363


    Lisa Sable  (914)980-3875 1lisasable@gmail.com

    Dan Spitzer (201)694-4268 danielclarinet@gmail.com (or at Hoff Barthelson Music School)

    Gerry Malkin (914)275-8031

    Charlie Lagond, Lagond School of Music (914)345-0512
    Matt Wayne Willis (857) 540-9370 mattwayne.net

    Nick Lieto (845) 227-6273

    Guido Gonzalez(and BARITONE HORN)(917) 992-9399

    Jessica Stein - (Trombone and Baritone Horn as well) (845)-553-0493   http://www.jessicatrumpet.com    

    Steve Bleifuss (914) 646-9668 cell, (914) 693-1235 home
    Ray Fitzgerald (914)552-0482
    Gerard Carelli  (914) 242-0540 (office), Gerard@GerardCarelli.com
    Rich Williams (914)833-2782
    Noah Bless (212)465-4035


    John Catoliato(914)630-2038, (646)732-5962



    Brian Carter (914) 837-7036 brian.briancartermusic@gmail.com
    Rudy Feinhauer(914)262-9406
    Barry Presser 914-629-5887 email: bgpdrummer@aol.com
    Dan Wintersteen (914)844-1367