Violin and Viola:
    Mary Barton, travels to your home (917)292-9620
    Lakshmi James, travels to your home (914) 980-4674, lakshmi.james5@gmail.com
    Dr. Jill Schultz, travels to your home (917) 538-5978
    Yang Sun Kim, travels to your home (914)844-1295

    Mark Kushner (845)429-1032
    Linda Finegan Lott (914)779-0519

    Seeri Guarino (516)695-8341


    Lila Ainsworth (914)498-1753 

    Isabel Fairbanks, travels to your home (860)803-2294, isabelfairbanks@gmail.com

    Nadia Radulovich, travels to your home (917)743-3688
    Andrew Brown (aka Mr. Brown from QRS, Edgewood and FM general music and chorus) travels to your home (518) 588-7339
    Mairi Dorman Phaneuf (lives in Hartsdale) www.mairidormanphaneuf.com mairid@gmail.com


    Tod Hedrick, travels to your home (917)520-3747
    Chris Anderson, 914.345.0512 info@lagondmusic.org 


    Beatriz Martin-Ruiz (914)874-7501
    Piano/ Guitar:
    Dani Perito (914)482-3402
    Brendan O'Keefe brendan.okeefe@gmail.com
    Rebecca Haviland (914)714-2975

     All instruments and local schools:

    Westchester Home Music: Larry Edoff (914) 262-5474

    The Music Conservatory of Westchester
    (914) 761- 3900

    Hoff Barthelson
    (914) 723-1169

    Connecticut School of Music in Greenwich, CT http://www.ctschoolofmusic.com

    MUSIKA (An online lesson service which matches instructors  with students. Instructors go to students homes.)http://www.musikalessons.com