• Scarsdale High School Physical Education
    Department Policies

    Absence Policy

    If a student is legally absent from their scheduled Physical Education class, he/she has an opportunity to make up the class.  Students can schedule a make-up class by arranging a time with their Physical Education teacher to attend class taught by their teacher during one of the student's free periods.  If a student’s weekly class schedule does not coincide with an available class taught by their teacher, then the teacher and student can make arrangements for the student to attend a class taught by a different Physical Education teacher.  In this situation, it is the student's responsibility to get a note from the teacher confirming the completion of the class and then to hand it in to their own teacher.  Under no circumstances can an illegal absence be made up for credit.  Students have 10 school days from the date of a legal absence to make up a class.

    Medical Limitations & Restrictions

    In the event that a student is limited from physical activity, the student must bring in a letter from his/her doctor indicating the physical limitations and the period of time that he/she must adhere to these limitations.  This doctor’s note should be given directly to the Nurse.  The Nurse will then give the student a form to hand to their Physical Education teacher so that the teacher can modify this student’s class activities.  Under New York State Regulations, physicians must indicate the areas in which a student may participate.  All students on a medical modification program MUST attend class and take part in teacher-modified activities.
    In the event that the physician's modification form states that there is a complete restriction in regards to physical activity for more than five weeks in any given academic quarter, then the student will be referred to the Department Chair, Mrs. Roemer.
    Dress Code

    When attending Physical Education classes, it is important that students are dressed appropriately for safe participation in class activities.  Appropriate attire includes a t-shirt and wind pants, sweatpants, or athletic shorts as well as sneakers.  Denim and cargo shorts and pants are not appropriate for physical activity, and points will be deducted accordingly if worn.  Unprepared students may not be able to participate in class activities, and therefore their participation grade will be affected.  These students may choose to participate in a make-up class in order to restore lost participation points within ten school days.