Heathcote PTA
    Who We Are ...

    Heathcote PTA Executive Board

     President  Alexa Froomberg
     President-Elect  Jessica Rosenberg
     Secretary  Samantha April
     Treasurer  Thao Nguyen
     V.P. ASC, Interim  Kim Miller
     V.P. Technology  Aggy Shawn
     V.P. Class Parents  Deborah Lichtenstein

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    What We Do ...

    What Is The Heathcote PTA?

    The Heathcote Parent-Teacher Association is a non-profit service organization governed by its members. Our members – parents, teachers and administrators – share a common interest in providing the highest quality education for our students. Interested parties may review the Heathcote Unit PTA bylaws. The PTA committees, which are staffed by parents and teachers, are the backbone of our organization, providing the leadership and the work that go into creating, managing, funding and staffing the many wonderful programs that we offer to our children. The PTA meetings are the forums at which our members collaborate to make important decisions, to discuss ideas and issues, and to report on the status of projects.
    The Heathcote PTA is a small part of a huge network that includes the Scarsdale Council of PTAs (PT Council), the Westchester-East Putnam Region PTA, the New York State PTA and the National Congresses of Parents and Teachers. 

    What Do We Do?

    • After School Clubs: We organize and coordinate enrichment programs for children after school in a wide-range of disciplines, exposing children to science, art, fitness, performing arts and many other wonderful activities. 
    • Community service: We lead community service projects that raise awareness among students of the needs of those less fortunate that exist in our local community and the world beyond.
    • Awareness of others: Through programs such as Learning from our Differences, and the year-long work of the Multicultural Committee, we educate our children about differences in people’s abilities and backgrounds to help them become compassionate, inclusive individuals.
    • Lice check: We fund the lice check program, which assures that any cases of head lice are discovered and dealt with before they spread.
    • Directory: We compile a directory of all Heathcote students including names of parents, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses to make everything from play dates to committee work easier.
    • Class parents: PTA class parents act as liaisons between teachers and parents, communicating important information from classroom happenings and field trips to organizing the annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon.
    • Arts programsWe offer an array of arts programs, including 
      * Learning to Look:  teaches students to begin to look at art critically and introduces them to famous artists 
      * Artist-in-Residence:  brings in professional artists to Heathcote, including fully funding the garden program that     runs through the school year and during the summer months
      * Visiting Author:  brings several well-known children’s authors and illustrators to school throughout the year
      * School Play:  works with an outside production company to produce a school-wide play
    • Social Events: Through social events for families, such as the Family Picnic, Family Fun Night, Multicultural Luncheon, Staff Appreciation Luncheon, Spring Fair (aka Carnival) and our annual evening Kindergarten Parents’ Social, the PTA seeks to create a sense of community at Heathcote, one where everyone feels like a part of the school, and new families feel welcome.

    Why Do We Need To Keep Fundraising?

    The PTA is a non-profit service organization. Its yearly budget anticipates generating only enough revenue to cover its necessary expenses and to support PTA programs. Our annual membership dues cover only a very small portion of this budget, and so we are highly dependent upon fundraising events and activities that are held throughout the year, such as our Fall Benefit, After School Clubs program, the Book Fair, Spirit Wear sales, our Student Artwork Fundraiser, school supplies sales, and our Annual Spring Fair (Carnival). In addition to the support of the programs listed above, the Heathcote PTA:

    • Offers scholarships for After School Clubs.
    • Gives generously to the Scarsdale High School Scholarship Fund.
    • Defrays the cost of some of our social events offered throughout the year.
    • Supports PT Council speakers and events.
    • Supports teacher-initiated programs and events such as Math Olympics, Hi-Tech/Hi-Touch, and Colonial Day.
    • Gives gifts to the Heathcote School such as computer lab equipment, recess games, Little Bits and Makey Makey kits. 
    • Funds its various forms of communications, such as the website and E-blast.
    If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please contact your PTA leadership.