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    Math homework will come home randomly during the week.  It is for review and practice of the skills/strategies we have worked on in class. Some weeks there may not be any math homework.  Math homework should be completed and returned by the next day or by when it says on the actual homework.

    When we begin a new unit, I will send home a "Friendly Note" that comes from the Primary Math guide.  This will explain to you what we are doing and show you the strategies we are working on. This will be helpful to you when working with your child at home.

    I would also suggest that you buy a set of flashcards for the number facts from 0-20 (both addition and subtraction).  You can also make them yourselves out of index cards.  Practice them during the week.


    Unit 1:  Numbers to 100

    Unit 2:  Addition and Subtraction
    Unit 3:  Lenght

    Unit 4:  Multiplication and Division

    Unit 5:  Multiplication Tables 2 and 3

    Unit 6:  Addition and Subtraction

    Unit 7:  Multiplication and Division

    Unit 8:  Money
    Unit 9:  Fractions
    Unit 10: Time

    Unit 11:  Tables and Graphs
    Unit 12:  Geometry