• First Grade Reading Units
    Building Good Reading Habits
    Word Detectives
    Learning about the World: Reading Non-Fiction
    Readers Have Big Jobs to do
    Getting to Know Characters
    Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons
    First Grade Phonics Units
    Thinking about Letters
    The Case of the Silent e
    From Tip to Tail
    Word Builders
    Marvelous Bloopers


    First Grade Writing Units
    Small Moments
    "How to" Books
    Non-Fiction Chapter Books
    Writing Reviews
    Scenes to Series

    First Grade Math Units
    Unit 1:  Math Is...
    Unit 2:  Number Patterns
    Unit 3:  Place Value
    Unit 4:  Addition within 20:  Facts and Strategies
    Unit 5:  Subtraction with 20:  Facts and Strategies
    Unit 6:  Shapes and Solids
    Unit 7:  Meanings of Addition
    Unit 8:  Meanings of Subtraction
    Unit 9:  Addition within 100
    Unit 10:  Compare Using Addition and Subtraction
    Unit 11:  Subtraction within 100
    Unit 12:  Measurement and Data
    Unit 13:  Equal Shares
    First Grade Science Units
    Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles, the Sun, Moon and Stars
    Waves: Light and Sound
    Structure, Function and Information Processing (Animal Behaviors and Traits)
    Engineering a Hand Pollinator
    First Grade Social Studies Units
    Citizenship: Rights and Responsibilities
    My Family and Other Families, Now and Long Ago
    Geography: The Purpose of Maps and Location of Different Parts of the World