• Open House

    Open House this year will take place on Thursday, October 8, from 6:30-8:10 PM.

    The schedule is as follows: 

    6:30 - 7:00PM  Grades K-1    Classroom webinars

    7:05 - 7:35PM. Grades 2-3.   Classroom webinars

    7:40 - 8:10PM. Grades 4-5    Classroom webinars


    Please view the support team and co-curricular teacher webinars.

    Ms. Hicks's Learning Center is located in the kindergarten grade wing. 

    Mrs. Van Camp's Learning Center is located in Heathcote's new office wing. 

    For individual conversations about your child's services, please schedule a beginning of the year conversation with Lindsey Hicks or Nancy Van Camp.

    Ms. Hicks can be reached at 721-5443.

    Mrs. Van Camp can be reached at 721-2772


    We wish you and your children a safe and wonderful year of learning and growth!
    Lindsey and Nancy