• Math

    This year we are starting our new Math Program called Reveal Math. This was one of several math programs piloted by teachers last year. This program had the components we were looking for in a comprehensive math program. A goal of Reveal Math is to help students see math not just as a series of computations and procedures, but as a way of visualizing and communicating about their worlds and solving problems in the world. A second goal is to help students realize that being proficient doers of mathematics does not require speed with operations, but creativity, thoughtfulness, and flexibility.
    Math homework will come home randomly during the week.  It is for review and practice of the skills/strategies we have worked on in class. Some weeks there may not be any math homework.  Math homework should be completed and returned by the next day or by the date written at the top of the actual homework.

    Reveal Math Units:

    Unit 1:  Math is...

    Unit 2:  Place Value to 1,000
    Unit 3:  Patterns with Numbers

    Unit 4:  Meanings of Addition and Subtraction

    Unit 5:  Strategies to Fluently Add Within 100

    Unit 6:  Strategies to Fluently Subtract Within 100

    Unit 7:  Measure and Compare Length

    Unit 8:  Measurement: Money and Time
    Unit 9:  Strategies to Add 3-digit Numbers
    Unit 10: Data Analysis

    Unit 11:  Geometric Shapes and Equal Shares
    **Although multiplication and division are not an official part of the second grade math curriculum. If time permits, those concepts will be introduced.