• Homework

    In second grade, homework is given Monday - Thursday.
    Your child will be writing all homework assignments and other information in their School Planner. Please check the planner each day. On Friday's, your child will be taking their spelling quiz in this planner. Don't forget to check it to see how they did. 

    Spelling: To be completed throughout the week (with a quiz every Friday).
    Reading: Children should read a minimum of 20 minutes each night (usually a book they borrow from the classroom or the school library). They may choose  to have a parent read to them once or twice a week, but in that case the parent should read 10 min. and the child should read independently for the remaining 10 min.
    Math: Math workbook pages will NOT be assigned every day; only as needed to practice the skills learned in class. However, computer sites such as IXL may be assigned, as well.
    Science/Social Studies: Given at the teacher's discretion. A due date for each homework will be noted on the day the homework goes home. There will also be some long term projects assigned that the students will work on at home. Specific due dates and a time frame will be given for each project. 
    Please look over your child's homework with them to make sure they complete all of it to the best of their abilities (this includes legibility and neatness). Please do not make them erase mistakes. I like to see what they have done themselves.  You can help them edit or fix their answers by having them cross off their original answer and write their new answer above it. If nothing was edited, but the child needed a parent's help completing parts of it, please write the letters NH (Needed Help) next to the part they had help with. This way I know what to help your child with in the classroom.