• Second and Third Grade Group

    Friendship is the overriding theme of the group. However, more specifically, we engage in a variety of activities geared toward the following:

    Week 1. There’s only one me! We talk about the individuality of fingerprints. Just as our fingerprints vary from one to another so to do our personalities, appearance, likes/dislikes, talents, etc. The girls share their special traits and talents with the group.

    Week 2. My beauty within. We discuss the characteristics and qualities that make someone “cool” or“popular” in our real lives and in thinking about celebrities. Each child is identified as being the “coolest” with regard to the qualities that they have identified as important. They work to create personal lists of traits that represent their own inner beauty.

    Week 3. Heartprints. Like footprints leave a mark in the sand, heartprints are the mark you leave on someone else’s heart. Your kind acts have an impact on others. We read a book called Heartprints by P.K. Hallinan and discuss actions we have taken and could take to leave heartprints for someone else and what others have done to leave heartprints with us. 

    Week 4. Self-respect. We discuss the pledge of respect. Each child is given her own pledge to sign if she felt she could do her best to honor it. “I am a smart, special valuable person. I respect myself in and I respect others. My words and actions are kind and honest. I accept only the best in all that I do. I am proud to be me!” The girls work on book marks highlighting the theme of self-respect.     

    Week 5. Empathy and Exclusion. The girls are given papers with a colored dot on each and they are asked to form groups based on the color system. Not every child has a group. This is used as a springboard for conversation about exclusion. As a closing activity the girls make bracelets that represent their individuality.

    Each year, the lessons change with the developmental progression of the girls. I hope this summary helps you to follow up at home. Please feel free to stop by or call if you'd like to talk more about the group or if you have any further questions or thoughts.