Socialization Clubs

    This year we will once again be having early morning girls clubs. The purpose of the clubs is to teach groups of girls to communicate efficiently and effectively with one another.  Often, girls will talk about who they are mad at, as opposed to talking with who they are mad at. The program is designed to raise awareness, develop empathy, teach healthy conflict, explore feelings, and promote a positive change in female relationships.

    Girls will have the opportunity to move through a series of lessons and discussions starting at the kindergarten level and continuing throughout their years at Heathcote. New students are always welcome in any grade, regardless of whether or not they have participated in past years.

    Lessons in the early grades will focus on discovering our own strengths, accepting and valuing differences in others, choosing positive friendship relationships, how to treat friends, and many other topics. As the girls move into the upper grades discussions will include how to handle conflict through communication and confrontation, cliques, and gossip, among others. It is my hope that over the years the girls will master many of these skills and develop more positive female friendships.