• What Do Your Kid's IM Messages Really Mean?

    The sight of your child coming home from school and jumping on the computer to instant message his or her friends is not uncommon. But who are they talking to and what are they really saying?

    Instant messenger communication has developed its own jargon since it became popular in the mid-1990's. Here are some basic instant messenger abbreviations you may want to learn yourself. The knowledge of the lingo may help protect your child. 

    Basic Language:
    NM = nevermind
    WAZ = what's up
    IDK = I don't know
    G2G = goto to go
    L8R = later
    SLAP = sounds like a plan

    Time or Scheduling References:
    nayl = in a while
    2nite = tonight
    AEAP = as early as possible
    ALAP = as late as possible
    Here are Some Parent Alerts:
    PRL = parents are listening
    PRW = parents are watching
    PIR = parent in room
    P911 = parent alert

    If you see any of these, you might want to take action:
    LMIP = let's meet in person
    LMIRL = let's meet in real life
    F2F = face to face
    ASL = age/sex/location
    RUMOF = are you male or female?