• First Grade Club

    Friendship is the overriding theme of the group. However, more specifically, we engage in a variety of activities geared toward the following:

    Week 1. Behaviors that Attract Friendship. We read a story about a child who is very good at being a friend and we identify the behaviors that the child might be exhibiting. The girls each complete a project that represents what they most want in a friend. They chose from possible characteristics and used the parts they select to make a friend. They each leave with a project representing what they value in friendship.

    Week 2. Behaviors that Get in the Way of Friendship. We read a story about a student who struggles to make friends and we imagine the behaviors that might be inhibiting the development of friendships. The girls create a list of friendly and unfriendly behaviors and then we review the sheets they take home to see what behaviors we may not have thought of. 

    Week 3. Circle of Friends. We discuss the ideals of the Scarsdale Circle of Friends (Accept, Respect, Care) and add any other important aspects of being in the Circle. The girls each make their own circle of friends by engaging in an activity similar to making paper dolls. 

    Week 4. Friendship. The group examines possible pizza toppings with behaviors written on them. They decide which toppings would belong on a friendship pizza. Each child then cuts out the friendship behaviors and creates their own friendship pizza to take home. 

    Week 5. Terrific Tattles and Good Gossip. The girls discuss the idea that it is good to say nice things about other people and that those are comments that can be shared. We sit in a circle and said either a “terrific tattle”, something nice about someone in the group, or a “good gossip”, repeated the nice thing that the last person had said. 

    Each year, the lessons change with the developmental progression of the girls. I hope this summary helps you to follow up at home. Please feel free to stop by or call if you'd like to talk more about the group if you have any further questions or thoughts.